It's not as safe out on the streets of London as any of us would like.  Jujitsu is about practical self defence. 

Many arts will focus on complicated strikes and high kicks which are unrealistic to actually use during a street attack. ​Jujitsu focuses on a series of realistic attacks and defences to them - strangles, grabs, begin attacked while on the ground to name just a few. 

Outside of direct combat, just practicing a martial art increases your awareness of potentially dangerous situations.


Unlike many sports jujitsu needs to start a slow while you get used to the basics.  But very quickly the training can intensify.

Stick with it and push yourself and you'll be amazed what you can achieve.


Ask any of the instructors the biggest change they see in students over time and they will undoubtedly talk about confidence.

Jujitsu is all about learning, and learning well, something that at first seems incredibly difficult.


Not to toot our own horn, but it's a really fun club.  Most of our long term members have made very close friendships that are important outside the dojo.  And the social events are a blast.