We try to answer any questions you might have here.  If you still need to ask us something just write to us and we'll be in touch.

I'm brand new to jujitsu / martial arts, is that okay?

Yes, most of our members start off brand new.  We work with everyone at their own pace.

How often do I need to train?

Once a week is fine to start with.  If you're looking to progress quickly, we would recommend twice a week.

What do I need to bring?

If you're just starting just bring loose comfortable clothes, the same kind of stuff you'd wear to the gym - shorts, jogging bottoms, t-shirts etc...

Am I too old / young to train with you?

No, everyone is welcome, we have members of all ages and all walks of life.

How does progression work?

Like many martial arts, we use a belt and grading system.  When you start you're a white belt.  In order to progress to the next belt (yellow) you learn a syllabus of moves that we'll provide.  All black belts know these so no matter what class you go to you'll have an opportunity to work towards your next belt.

When you feel you are ready to progress on, you do an assessment in class.  You'll get feedback on that and then progress to a grading if everything is okay.

You then get your next belt and a new syllabus of more advanced techniques and the cycle repeats

What are the classes like?

They are usually 2 hours long.  There's a warm up and some group exercises at the start, then people split up and train with their own grades, usually working on syllabus techniques.  Black belts will be on hand to instruct as required.

I don't feel fit enough to do this

When newcomers join we train with them at their own pace.  If you're able for it we can push you harder, if you need to go slower at the start, that's fine too.

Can women join?

Of course.  Most of our members are men but we've had plenty of woman train with us over the years and several who've graded to black belt.

What else do members do?

We have a very active social committee and there's lots of group events during the year.  Picnics, bowling trips, escape rooms, kayaking, trips abroad, or just hanging out for a drink after class.  We're a social bunch.