Oasis re-opens!

Booking is easy.  Simply  click the link below  to the class you want to book and add your name if there is a space available.  If you need to cancel – highlight your name and select the delete function. 


The classes will be posted a week in advance. 


So everyone that wants to come can – you are only permitted to book one of the Saturday slots – not both.  However, if you are attending the  first ‘ichi’ class on Saturday and there are slots available for after 7pm on the Friday before,  you may book an additional slot in the ‘Ni’ class on Saturday 


The ‘Ichi’ slot on first Saturday of the month is a black belt only class. 


If you book and cannot attend – please cancel as soon as possible so someone else can take your place. If you book, don’t cancel, and don’t attend then you will not be allowed to book for classes the following week.


Max of 13 bodies per class.  One slot is reserved for the Class Runner. Two slots for the supporting Black Belts.   The remaining 10 slots are available for Kyu grades.  


Put your name down for the day you want to attend:

October 29th

Thursday class

7 - 8.30pm

List here

October 31st

Saturday class - Ichi Class

2 - 3.30pm

List here

October 31st

Saturday class - Ni Class

3.30 - 5pm

List here


London: Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat

Brighton: Sun


We've been teaching the LGBT community for over 25 years

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The Jikishin Jujitsu Association is Ishigaki's Parent Association

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