Covid19 Risk Assesments

Covid19 Training Plan and Risk Assesment


Ishigaki is not taking new members at present and classes are only available to existing members.  


Our relaunch of classes will be in outdoor sports facilities. This decision was made to reduce the risk of virus transmission. We are working with the Marlborough Sports Garden, Bankside, near London Bridge. 11 - 25 Union St, London SE1 1SD

Covid compliance

Our governing body UKMAGB (Jikishin) provided a risk assessment on July 17. Sensei Earl Walker worked with the government COVID guidelines for sports to generate the risk assessment. This will inform and guide ishigaki of what is required, possible, and desirable to resume training. Ishigaki will use the risk assessment to publish our own covid guidelines to members through the facebook membership page. 

Hanshi Brian Herbert has asked ishigaki to pilot the use of UKMAGB risk assessment through August and to feedback to better inform the association and other clubs. Most other Jikishin jujitsu clubs have a holiday break through the month of August, then restart classes in September when schools resume. Ishigaki are best placed to resume classes in August and to report how their risk assessment guidance works in reality.   

What we expect from members

Your membership of Ishigaki Jujitsu Club must be valid. If your membership expired in the last 4 months, you must renew before attending class. 

You are required to follow the ishigaki, and venue, covid precautions.

Do not wear your jujitsu uniform (gi). Trainers, track suit trousers (or shorts), tshirt (ishigaki branded is a good option). Ideally, you will arrive at the venue wearing you will training clothes, but discrete changing in the training space will be possible. There will be no shower facilities. Bring a punch-pad if you have one.  


We will consider purchasing hand sanitiser and masks in response to the venues' guidelines and the resources they provide. Bring your wn if you have them.  


Register for each class through facebook or

Feedback to the instructors about content and concerns. 


What members can expect when they attend

A warm welcome from ishigaki friends including several familiar black belt instructors. The venue and ishigaki will provide directions to the training space and you will be assigned to a bubble of no more than 6 people. Social distancing will be respected between bubbles. 

Classes will be for 1 hour under the current restrictions. An informal social will follow.


Each bubble will perform a range of jujitsu related activities that are non-contact, or minimal contact.



We have compiled a variety of exercises and techniques that are non-contact, or minimal contact. This is our initial template of activities: 


A warm-up 


Punching and kicking practice.

Pads are very cheap from sports direct or Amazon. Members are encouraged to bring their own pads.


Self- defence techniques such as:

counters to knifes and batons,

counters to wrist locks and grabs.


Novice kata

Fan kata

Kata of blocks

1st blocking kata

2nd blocking kata

3rd blocking katas


Cool down

Ishigaki Jujitu Club – Risk Assessment Addendum for Outdoor Training – August 2020

This risk assessment addendum for outdoor training was generated specifically to clarify responses to the risks of jujitsu training in an outdoor environment in response to the covid19 pandemic. 

Our governing body have published the JJJA covid19 risk assessment for an indoor dojo.

Marlborough Sports Garden have also published their risk assessment in light of covid19.

The risk assessments of our governing body (JJJA) and the venue (Marlborough Sports Garden) will be made available to all ishigaki members. 


  1. Reference JJJA risk assessment p3. It is not required to take temperatures of students in the outdoor environment – unless the venue require and provide that facility.

  2. Reference Marlborough risk assessment. Facemasks are not required outdoors when social distancing ( 2 metres) is maintained. Members can wear a mask if they prefer. 

  3. Members should arrive at the venue wearing their training gear. They should not wear their jujitsu gi as this uniform is for the dojo. We recommend a tshirt, track suit trousers and trainers. 

  4. Members are encouraged to raise any concerns or observations related to risk assessment compliance directly with the senior sensei at the class. Otherwise they can (confidentially) email Sensei Sandy